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Lights out, conspiracy theories in

In Pakistan, are conspiracies the domain of the paranoid, or the realistic?

A papacy hopeful who quotes Amy Winehouse?

Cardinal Ravasi is an erudite scholar with a modern touch - and that is seen by some as just the combination the Catholic Church needs to revive itself.

‘Gul needs a break from cricket’

There’s been a lot of pressure on him as the leader of the pace attack: Lawson

Cremation ground: Hindus claim over land accepted

Hindu community representatives say the cremation ground was reduced after their land was given to different people on lease without consulting them.

Obama: A lame-duck president?

The window of opportunity is very short and several months before the midterm elections, second term presidents may be at risk of relegation.

PM orders withdrawal of hike in petrol prices

Prime Minister Pervez Ashraf ordered the finance minister to withdraw the latest price increases, announced earlier in the week, with immediate effect.

Seat adjustment possible with PPP, says MQM

Meanwhile, in a meeting in Lahore, Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad and President Zardari agreed on defusing recent tensions between the two allied parties.

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